Easy-Fill, Silicone Popsicle/Ice Pop Mold Stand

  • 6 piece stand only – silicone popsicle molds sold separately

    6 piece stand for Sunsella Mighty Pops and compatible with most other 3.4 fl oz (8 inches long) silicone ice pop molds. Please note: silicone popsicle molds not included.

    An optional accessory to make filling and freezing your popsicle molds a breeze. Holds the molds perfectly in place when filling to ensure no more awkward fills.

    High quality

    Made from high quality 3mm plastic for a tough ice pop holder that is durable and long lasting with a 2 tier brace design for extra stability.

    Perfect for people who prefer to freeze their Popsicle molds upright rather than horizontal in the freezer.

    Dishwasher safe

    The stand with molds stands at 8.5 inches high so please ensure you have enough space in your freezer if you plan on using the stand for freezing.

    Please note:

    Mighty Pops silicone ice pop molds will not leak if left on their side in freezer providing they are not overfilled. Always leave approximately 1 inch space at top of mold to allow for expansion of filling once frozen.


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    $15.00 $11.45

    Out of stock

  • 6 piece stand for Sunsella Mighty Pops and other 3.4 fl oz (8 inches long) silicone ice pop molds….Please note: Ice pop molds not included with purchase.

    $15.00 $11.45

    Out of stock


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