Leak-Proof Bento Box Lunch Container

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  • Bento style lunchbox with spill proof lid. Features 3 different sized separate compartments and 4 secure locking clips.
  • No leak guarantee, 100% leakproof between sections and outside, with full 3 compartment rubber seal.
  • Durable and reusable made from BPA free, food safe plastic and rubber. Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • Clear top lid, 3 color options available for the base.

DIMENSIONS: 9 x 6.5 x 2.2 inches.


  1. Large: 3 1/2 cups (Fits Large Sandwich)
  2. Medium: 1 1/3 cups
  3. Small: 1 cup.
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Adults and kids alike will love the Sunsella bento style, 3-compartment lunch box. Perfect for on-the-go salads and snack food storage for school or the office.

Healthy and nutritious meal planning is simple with this multi-use, leak proof container. Create stress free mornings by packing and storing lunch and leftovers in the fridge ready to go or freeze for using later.

Save space and have your entire lunch in one separated container, with no need for multiple sandwich bags or single use disposable containers.

Features 3 different sized sections to fit a multitude of food options and combinations. Top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Guaranteed Leak free or your money back.

Additional information


Blue, Green, Purple


Can it fit a whole sandwich?
Yes, most standard sized bread will fit as the main section is 5 x 5 x 2 inches.

Does it Leak anywhere?
No, we have fitted a full 3 compartment seal, which locks in any leaks both from between sections and to the outside.

Are they stackable for storing?
Yes, the containers will nest together without lids, or sit on top of each other with the lids on.

Can this be used in the Microwave?
Yes, the container can be used in the microwave, we recommend not using the lid for more than 2 minutes, although the base can be used for longer cooking times, and always leave a gap for steam to escape.

Are they freezer and Dishwasher safe?
Yes, top rack dishwasher safe and can be used in the freezer.

Will this fit in a lunch bag?
Yes, this container will fit in most standard lunch bags, please check lunch-bag dimensions before purchase though. The container size is: 9 x 6.5 x 2.2 inches.

How many boxes come in a set?
Containers are sold individually

Use & Care Instructions

To get the most out of your Sunsella leak-proof container we recommend:

Leak-proof lid function:

  • To close: Place lid on base, press down firmly around entire edge and compartment divider before closing clips, this will ensure the leak-proof seal functions correctly.
  • To open: Unlatch all clips, use one clip to lift lid and release the leak-proof seal to allow for easy removal from base.


  • For best results soak after use. Hand wash lid where possible or top rack dishwasher safe.
  • To remove stubborn stains or grease from plastic, a white vinegar and water soak can be used followed by a wash and rinse or alternatively a baking soda and water mix is also great for cleaning plastic and rubber.
  • Store without lid to prevent any smells.

Freezer Use:

  • For freezer use, allow room for ice expansion and let food defrost slightly before removing lid to prevent damage to the container.

Microwave Use:

  • Do not exceed 2 minutes in the microwave when reheating food using the base and lid. (Base may be used separately for longer reheating times)
  • Do not close clips – Place lid loosely on an angle so all compartments are vented allowing steam to escape.
  • Do not microwave empty containers, product is intended for reheating purposes only. (Do not use for cooking)

8 reviews for Leak-Proof Bento Box Lunch Container

  1. Kay

    Lets start by saying that I have 3 kids, and I’m on a budget. So the $30 boxes were NOT going to happen. I looked and looked for an inexpensive box that I could use for my kids’ lunches where I can use things like applesauce and ranch/ketchup/other dipping sauces and not worry about ketchup being all over their grapes. (gross!) THIS IS IT!

    I’ve used these for a week, so that’s a total of 15 lunches packed. They hold plenty for my kids (and I have 2 boys that are in elementary school but they’re athletic and eat more than I do!) My 1st grader can easily open the boxes at lunchtime and easily (after being shown) close them when the meal is over to prevent leftovers from leaking. These boxes are packed in their lunchbox, which is carried in their backpack so they’re turned over and under and upside down and still manage to keep the containers separated.

  2. Tanja

    This is the perfect size for my 1st and 5th Graders. Some reviewers mentioned it’s difficult for kids to open and close this box but we have not had any problems, even my 7 year old girl is able to use it by herself. The compartments seal nicely and there have not been any issues with yogurt or other things leaking into the other compartments. Good product!

  3. Ferfnstuff

    This really is leakproof! I take lunch seriously and I’m critical of lunch containers. Although I don’t love using plastic, to find a truly leakproof option in a bento box style is nearly impossible. The locking mechanism works – read the directions that come with the container (it tells you to press down on the lid to seal the gaskets before locking the sides). I’ve tested this out with juicy fruit, saucy noodles, stew, and more. I have not put soup in it but, my previous tests have been successful – no leaks and no food crossover (who wants fruit juice in their peanut noodles?). This functions as well as if it were three separate containers that happen to be attached. Portion sized for an adult lunch.

  4. A.D.

    I only bought one of these to try out for my son in his first year of K. After a few weeks of daily use it is holding up very nicely, is easy to open and close for him, is easy for me to clean, and fits perfectly in his lands end lunchbox. I figured I’d grab a few more and start packing one for my husband and I or have an extra on hand just in case his lunchbox didn’t make it home. They are out of stock and I can’t find anything else that looks comparable that isn’t gladware like or $30+

  5. Claudia

    Works great. The compartments are leak-proof – if you put something like applesauce into on, it will not migrate into the others. The lid seals on very tightly. This is a plus, because it is why the container doesn’t leak, but clipping or unclipping the lid does require a little strength. It is possible young kids might find this hard, but as an adult user, it’s fine. I pack my husband’s lunch in this container and he has been very pleased.

  6. kt

    These are great lunch boxes and perfectly fit a sandwich, chips, and a fruit or vegetable. We’ve sent ranch dressing in one of the containers and no leaks. Because it’s leakproof, it’s a little tough to open but manageable for my kindergartner. We’ve tried lots of bento box type lunch boxes and this is the first one that the size is actually right.

  7. Kelly

    I needed a bento box for each of my kids as Tupperware has been going missing. This solved out problem. I love that the lid has the soft plastic material so each compartment stays separate and the food items stay fresh. Other people have complained of mold. We wash ours and dry them all by hand. Haven’t had a problem. I think the white soft plastic got stained by something red but no big deal. It fits nicely in a regular lunch box and can’t fit a whole sandwich. So it does the job!

  8. AC

    Have used these bento lunch boxes for a few months and still LOVE them. My 16 yr old daughter packs her lunch in one and throws it in her back pack. It has kept everything contained- even applesauce or tuna salad! I was really worried about the tuna making a MESS of her papers, etc. but she has never had any issue with it leaking. This has been the best option for my girl who doesn’t like school lunch options and won’t carry a lunch box. FYI My family has used the “EasyLunchBox” system for MANY years- these boxes fit in the cooler bag just like the original containers. These will also stack with the ELB boxes almost perfectly.

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