Silicone Egg Rings


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  • Set of 4 egg & pancake rings. Made from extra thick, high-grade silicone with a stainless steel handle.
  • Non-stick and reusable egg ring which can be used on coated cookware for non-scratch cooking.
  • Make perfect circles with this multi-use cooking utensil. Perfect for; eggs, pancakes, omelets and burger patties, plus many more.
  • The rings are heat resistant and oven safe and can be used on a grill or BBQ or any pan, skillet or griddle.
  • Available on Amazon here.

Size: 4” Diameter Quantity: 4 pack
Heat resistant to: 446F/230C

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William M.
I recommend this product

Marvelous rings

We love these silicone rings. We coat all the surfaces with olive oil pour in two eggs and add some grated cheese after the eggs have firmed. When the cheese has melted we remove the rings and have perfectly round egg/cheese patties. Cleanup is a cinch as nothing sticks to the rings. We have purchased several sets as they make perfect gifts.


Awesome product! After many trips to England, I was keen to try making homemade crumpets on the stove top. This product works perfectly; spraying with cooking spray beforehand meant battery didn't stick. The seal on bottom of pan was perfect, no leakage. The handle is a must, making it so easy to slip the ring off before flipping crumpets to brown on the other side. Probably works equally well for eggs and English muffins.


These are great. Had them for about a week and have already used them several times to make crumpets. I haven't tried to cook eggs yet. I am happy that I bought silicon rings. I originally planned to get metal. Silicon cools very fast so I am able to remove the rings clean them, and re-oil for the next crumpet.


I read all the reviews of how to use thes, then tried various methods. Frankly, spraying these with a vegetable spray is unnecessary. The easiest method is to put a non-stick pan on a burner, thicknesses down, hit the heat, drop in a little butter (half tablespoon or so), let it melt, crack an egg into the ring, and cook on medium heat until the white is not quite fully set. Pull the ring, flip and cook to desired doneness, and serve.


Sunsella 4" egg rings work perfectly. They came in sturdy box with round foam insets for each ring. I am storing this way, though the rings are thick and not flimsy silicone. I like that inside ring is flush (no ridge like I saw on some) - makes it easy to slip knife or other edge around inside of ring to loosen the egg.


With our Sunsella silicone egg and pancake rings you can make your own perfectly round eggs and pancakes at home. Multi-use, great for molding crumpets or as a burger press.

Large family breakfasts are simple with Sunsella Egg Rings. Cook multiple eggs and pancakes at once without any ingredients running together.

Durable and re-usable, Features an extra thick silicone egg ring mold and a fold down stainless steel handle (for cooking with a lid and ease of storage) with a stay-cool silicone pad.

Heat is evenly distributed for perfectly cooked eggs and pancakes.

Dishwasher and oven safe.

Available on Amazon here.


How do I stop eggs running out the bottom?
When cooking eggs or pancakes, you must hold down the ring for a few seconds at the start of cooking to create a seal, this will mean no ingredients can escape.

What is the best way to release the eggs from the mold?
You can run a knife around the inside of the mold, this will make the egg release easily.

Can I use this with non-stick cookware?
Yes, definitely. The silicone used is non-scratch and safe to use with all cookware.

Is this microwave safe?
No, due to the stainless steel handle you cannot use the rings in the microwave, although they are oven safe.

Will these melt on a BBQ?
No these are rated to 446F/ 230C. Just keep them away from any direct flame.

Can I flip eggs/ pancakes while using this mold?
Yes, once the mixture sets you can run a knife around the edge to release the mold and flip as normal.

Do you have to grease before using?
The rings work better to release the ingredients and for cleanup if they are greased prior to use.

Use & Care Instructions

Cooking eggs:

  • Remove egg ring once whites form.
  • To cook both sides- wait until small bubbles form, remove ring and flip.
  • The handle can be folded down and a lid placed over pan for cooking both sides of the egg through. (You can also add a small amount of water to the pan and poach the eggs with the lid on).
  • Use a knife to run around the inside edge of the ring to aid with removal.
  • Use caution when lifting ring with handle after cooking to avoid burns.

Cooking pancakes:

  • A thicker pancake mix will help contain the mixture within the ring.
  • Allowing pancake mix to cook thoroughly before removing ring will help retain a perfect round shape.


  • Soak after use where possible.
  • Dishwasher safe or wash with warm soapy water.
  • To remove stubborn stains or grease from silicone a white vinegar and water soak can be used followed by a wash and rinse or alternatively a baking soda and water mix is also great for cleaning silicone.


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