Silicone Popsicle Molds


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  • Set of 6 Silicone Popsicle molds made from high- grade food safe BPA free materials. 6 vibrant unisex colors, perfect for boys and girls.
  • Free e-book download, with 50 original, chef designed Ice Pop recipes available with purchase.
  • Refillable and reusable, get creative with endless options for filling and freezing: Ice pops, smoothies, jello, juice, desserts and more.
  • Quick-freeze, anti-leak design. Can be placed on their side with no leaks taking up less freezer space. Top rack dishwasher safe for easy clean up.
  • Available on Amazon here.

Dimensions: Each tube is 8” long and holds 1/2 cup (3.4 fl oz.)

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We have really enjoyed these! There has been no smell, easy to clean and fill. We've made 3 of the recipes from Sunsella and they have been very good. It's been great to offer real food to my kiddos after school when they are exhausted from the heat of the bus in lieu to sugary store bought Popsicles.


I was a little nervous after reading some of the reviews but I am so glad I bought these! We only received them a few days ago and they have already paid for themselves. Our kids and their friends have been eating ice pops like crazy. They love the silicone colors and not getting their hands so cold (not to mention the tenderness in the corners of their mouth from plastic encased pops). I like them because they are easy to use, dishwasher safe, and if an ice pop is dropped or left to melt, I'm only out a wee bit of money.


Bought these for my healthy-food-conscious daughter for her little boy. She says they're way cheaper to use than buying the store-bought yogurt pops. Plus she can control what's in 'em. The kid LOVES 'em ~ altho it may be a few more months before he's able to use them without distributing the contents so widely. But that's what two-year-olds are good at. The molds are beautiful and function very well. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to know what they're giving their kids to eat.


Love these colorful popsicle/snack holders. Bought these for my 2 year and old and his friends. They make huge popsicles so I now fill them half way. The mold was a little messy and difficult for a toddler. I stuck corn holders in this last set to give a handle. Milk kefir makes a super tasty popsicle.. They work great as snack holders too.


My family has a popsicle addiction. We easily go through 2-4 boxes of popsicles a week so I thought we could save some money by making our own. Well, these turned into favorites for our children instantly. I love that I can make healthy popsicles for them using things in our fridge. I've been able to puree fruits and yogurt (and sneak in some veggies too!) and know that my kids are getting the nutrients they need without the fights. The silicone molds are great because the push up like the gogurts the kids are used to, they keep the contents inside and off my carpets, and prevent their little hands from getting cold. I love these and will definitely be buying more.


Make healthy and tasty home-made popsicles with Sunsella Ice Pop molds. No mess, quick-freeze design. Manufactured from high grade BPA free silicone.

Portion controlled snack food storage is easy, just fill with popcorn, candy or nuts and close the silicone lid, for an on-the-go flexible storage container.

Come up with your own unique combinations to freeze, or try some from our free 50-recipe Ice Pop recipe included with purchase (Digital download).

6 different colors so there are enough for the whole family. Durable and reusable with no popsicle sticks required.

Fun and functional possible maker. Not only great for kids, adults will love them too!

Available on Amazon here.


If it melts does it leak?
No, they will not leak if proper precautions are taken to ensure a tight fit. We do however recommend placing in a plastic bag if adding to a lunchbox etc. to prevent any accidental knocks opening the molds and for added security using a rubber band around the lid.

How do I stand them up in the freezer without spilling?
You do not need to stand them up; they can be frozen on their sides. They work great placed between frozen vegetable bags. You can also stand them up if you prefer in a jar or other container. (Do not place in freezer grill, or they will become wedged when frozen)

Can these be used for dry snack food also?
Yes, they work great for taking portion-controlled snacks to the office or school.

Will they stay frozen in my kid’s lunchbox?
The molds are not insulated, so we recommend using ice packs and an insulated cooler bag if taking frozen Icepops.

How much will each Popsicle mold hold?
Each mold is 8 inches long and holds 3.4 fl oz. per tube.

Are the lids easy to open for a 5 year old?
Yes, the lids are secure, but simple to open for kids.

Are the lids attached?
No, the lids are not attached; we recommend storing the lids inside the molds when not in use.

Use & Care Instructions


  • Wash and rinse before first use. (Hand wash or dishwasher safe).
  • Leave 1/2 – 1 inch of space before freezing to allow for ice expanding.
  • The molds can be frozen standing up, lying down or placed amongst the other items in your freezer or also in a sealable bag.
  • To freeze the product upright, you can place in a plastic container, jar or glass or stand on the lid.
  • Do not insert the mold into the freezer shelf as this can lead to the mold being wedged into place once frozen due to the ice expanding.
  • To release the ice pop from the mold, rest for 2-3 minutes before use, or run under warm water for a few seconds.
  • (Optional) For extra security, use rubber bands around the top of the mold to secure the lid for kids lunches, picnics, etc. and keep in a leak-proof container or sealed bag. To keep contents frozen for an extended period use with an ice pack or in an insulated bag.


  • Soak after use where possible. The molds are top rack dishwasher safe, or wash with warm soapy water.
  • To remove stubborn stains or grease from silicone, a white vinegar and water soak can be used followed by a wash and rinse, alternatively a baking soda and water mix is also great for cleaning silicone.

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