Silicone Vegetable Steamer Basket


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  • Premium quality Vegetable Steamer, manufactured from 100% high-grade silicone. Stable, non-scratch silicone base.
  • Thick, flexible sidewalls, which are expandable to fit a variety of pots and pans. Perfect for pressure and slow cookers, Electric Woks and Fry Pans.
  • Features a compact, collapsible design for space saving storage. A flat base with no center post is great for steaming larger items.
  • Foldable handles to fit under pot lids, and inter-lock for easy removal from pans. Top rack dishwasher safe, for easy cleanup.
  • Available on Amazon here.

Width: Total – 9 inches, Base – 5 Inches Height: Total – 6.5”, Top of basket – 3.5”, Base – 1” Fits: 2 Quart pots and above. Heat Resistant: Up to; 446F/ 230C

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Totally in love with this, got 2 one for vegetables other one for fish, tried both today, everything worked as intended, had no problem cleaning after.


Great steamer not a single complaint yet. Seems very sturdy easy to lock handles together


Always had metal strainers. Love this one. Fits any size pan. Handles snap together for easy lifting.


works very well in my pressure cooker, easy to lift out, and I won't worry about damaging the non stick surface of the inner bowl!


I've been using this for a while now to steam things like broccoli and Kale. That seems to work really good and I like that it's not going to scratch any of my pots. I would highly recommend this product.


Our Sunsella silicone vegetable steamer is fast and easy to use. In only minutes you can enjoy healthy, tasty vegetables, steamed to perfection. Retain the flavor and texture of your food and lock in natural vitamins and minerals by steaming.

This silicone steamer basket expands to fit a variety of pot sizes. Perfect for single serves up to to family size meals. Features a collapsible design for easy storage, and is dishwasher safe for quick cleanups.

No assembly required. Manufactured from durable, 100% high-grade silicone to last a lifetime. Features collapsing side-walls for a perfect fit every time.

Compatible with pressure cookers and slow cookers. Steam endless types of food. Including; fruit and veggies, dumplings, buns and desserts, or meat, fish and other seafood.

Available on Amazon here.


Is the Steamer safe to cook baby food in?
The steamer is made from 100% food safe Silicone. We recommend cooking the vegetables until extra soft, and then blending or chopping to desired texture.

Can you use this in a pressure cooker?
Yes, the Steamer is heat-resistant to 446F/ 230C and can be used in pressure cookers, slow cookers, electric fry pans and woks.

How high are the legs? How much water can be added for steaming?
The legs are 7/8 of an inch high (22.2 mm). We advise filling to just below the base of the steamer, and to check water level every 7-8 mins to ensure the pot does not boil dry.

How do you get the basket out of the pot once your vegetables are cooked?
You can use either insert a fork or similar through the handles to lift out of the pan, or pick up using heat protection on your hands. (A towel or potholder works great)

Is this steamer bpa-free?
There are no BPA coatings on this steamer, it is 100% Silicone.

Could you use this to steam other things than Vegetables?
Yes absolutely, it works great with dumplings, buns, fish, eggs and many more.

How long does it take to steam vegetables?
Most vegetables will be ready in 5-10 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces and density of the vegetable.

Use & Care Instructions


  • Wash before use. Our steamer is dishwasher safe.
  • The Steamer is designed to sit on the base of a pot (It is not designed to balance on the rim of the pot) Fill water level to just below base of the Steamer – Check water level every 5-8 minutes to avoid damage to pot. Do not submerge steamer.
  • For best results use a lid to cover steamer. Use care when removing lid as steam or condensation on bottom of lid can lead to burns. Beware of hot handle when removing steamer from pot or pan, use suitable heat protection or tongs to remove.
  • Most vegetables should be cooked in 5-10 minutes depending on how large the vegetables have been cut, test vegetables with a fork to get desired tenderness before removing steamer.
    Keep out of reach of children when in use. Not to be used as a toy.


  • Rinse after use for ease of cleaning. Top rack dishwasher safe.
  • To remove stubborn stains or grease from silicone a white vinegar and water soak can be used followed by a wash and rinse or alternatively a baking soda and water mix is also great for cleaning silicone.

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