Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket

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  • Premium quality Vegetable Steamer, manufactured from 100% high-grade stainless steel. 2 size options available. Ring handle and bonus extension handle included.
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of pots and pans. Perfect for pressure and slow cookers, Electric Woks and Fry Pans.
  • Features a compact, collapsible design for space saving storage, and a screw in, removable stainless steel center post for steaming larger items.
  • Included sturdy center ring or extension handle makes removing the steamer from pots easy.


  • Large Steamer Diameter: 6.37 inches to 10.43 inches. Height range (Feet included) 2 to 3.4 inches.
  • Small Steamer Diameter: 5.3 inches to 9.3 inches. Height range (Feet included) 2 to 3.4 inches.
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The Sunsella stainless steel vegetable steamer is fast and easy to use. In only minutes you can enjoy healthy, tasty vegetables, steamed to perfection. Retain the flavor and texture of your food and lock in natural vitamins and minerals by steaming.

Expands to fit a variety of pot sizes. Perfect for single serves up to to family size meals. Features a collapsible design for easy storage, and is dishwasher safe for quick clean-ups.

Our steamer basket requires no assembly (center fittings are removable and interchangeable) and is manufactured from durable, 100% high-grade stainless steel to last a lifetime.

Ideal for if you’re looking for instant pot accessories and compatible with both pressure and slow cookers. Steam endless types of food. Including; fruit and veggies, dumplings, buns and desserts, or meat, fish and other seafood.

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5.5" to 9.3", 6.4" to 10.4"

8 reviews for Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket

  1. S.M.

    I love this collapsable steamer basket. Very easy to use and store. I had a similar one a while ago, but it didn’t have the nice handle this one has to help you get it out of the pot. I really like that. And especially how the handle can extend and collapse. At the shortest height it’s perfect for the sauce pan I use most often for my steaming. I use it all the time. Easy clean up, too. I usually either hand wash or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  2. Jeff

    I prefer steaming all my veggies for the taste and nutrients. I have used similar steamer baskets in the past that would constantly fall apart. I would always find myself searching for pieces everytime I wanted to use the basket. This steamer is made of high quality materials and the pieces stay attached. It fits all my pans perfect. I would buy again.

  3. M.K.

    I bought the Sunsella Vegetable Steamer to use in my pressure cooker (in the open position) to keep food up out of the water at the bottom of the cooker during cooking. The Sunsella has legs about 2 inches long which is just enough to keep the food above the water. By using the Sunsella in the pressure cooker in this way vegatables and potatos can be cooked to prefection without sitting in the water. When cooking is done the Sunsella and the food can be lifted out of the pressure cooker by way of a ring attached to the center post. Some foods cook best when they are not sitting in the water at the bottom of the pressure cooker. The Sunsella solves this problem nicely. It is 100% stainless steel and expands to form a perfect basket that fits the 8 1/2 inch diameter cooking pot in my pressure cooker. It can also be used in the traditional method, of course, in a kettle on the stove.

  4. J.K.

    I had never used a vegetable steamer before – I just usually rigged something up as a steamer. But, I got tired of it and decided to “splurge” and get me a bona fide steamer! I have used it now a few times since I received it, and found that it works great! I should’ve gotten this sooner – would’ve saved me some headaches along the way. I measured the pots that I intended to use with the steamer, to make sure I got the right size.

  5. David

    Sunsella Vegetable Steamer is 100% stainless steel (including legs) and is made out of high-grade stainless steel. I love that it expands to fit various pot sizes and collapses for easy storage taking up less space. Aside from vegetables, I’ve used mine to steam tamales, prepare dim sum, make batches of hard boiled eggs, and even used it as a colander for small portions of food.

  6. B.K.

    For the price, this is an amazing little steamer basket. It fit perfectly in my electronic pressure cooker, and yielded perfect potatoes for mashing! I really appreciate the telescopic handle, in addition to the ring handle, when loaded high with quartered potatoes!

  7. N.M.

    I purchased this steamer to use to steam veggies for baby food and I’ve had a great experience with it! It’s easy to use with a variety of pots – it depends on the quantity that I’m cooking. I love that it goes into the dishwasher – that makes my life so much easier!

  8. Ziegmont

    Steaming veggies is the best way to get all the flavor they have. These steamers are a mainstay of our kitchen work. The stainless lasts so much longer than lesser ones. The variable size lets it fit from a small sauce pan up to a bigger stock pot, very handy. If I were going to knock them for any thing it would only be to have legs a tad taller, but that’s no biggie, just watch the pot on longer steams like artichokes or just fill to an inch or two above platform. Love the Sunsella’s.

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